Schedule: Around France in Three Weeks
Last updated on: July 6, 2016

Days 0 & 1

Saturday, July 15
Arrival of Riders & Riders Meeting

Sunday, July 16
Trier to XXXX, about 130 km

Day 2

Monday, July 17
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 3

Tuesday, July 18
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 4

Wednesday, July 19
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 5

Thursday, July 20
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 6

Friday, July 21
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 7

Saturday, July 22
NN to Quimper, about 230 km

Day 8

Sunday, July 23
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 9

Monday, July 24
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 10

Tuesday, July 25
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 11

Wednesday, July 26
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 12

Thursday, July 27
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 13

Friday, July 28
NN to NN, about 200 km

Days 14 & 15

Saturday, July 29
NN to St Remy de Provence, about 200 km

Sunday, July 30
Rest Day at St Remy, 50 km

Day 16

Monday, July 31
Mont Ventoux, about 140 km

Day 17

Tuesday, August 1
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 18

Wednesday, August 2
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 19

Thursday, August 3
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 20

Friday, August 4
NN to NN, about 200 km

Day 21

Saturday, August 5
XXX to Trier, anbout 150 km

The tour will start in Trier in July and finish in Trier exactly 21 days later.
Daily legs will cover about 200 km, sometimes more, other times less, depending on terrain and availability of accommodation. The route shown below is a rough sketch; this will not be the final route! As shown, the distance is about 3.300 km – the ride itself may have up to 4.000 km, depending on which extra loops and places will be added.

loop 3w4f

This page has the structure of the ride. All days will be planned in greater detail, and destinations will be fixed, campgrounds will be identified, reservations will be made in the spring of 2017. On each of the daily sections in the schedule column of this page you will later find a download link to the .gpx-file with the track for the day.
Registered Riders: No need to download these one by one now. You will receive a set of tracks for the entire tour by email – these tracks will have been checked once more and supplemented with information about rest stops etc.

Click on the days to get more information about each day. Step by step, the detailed info for each day will be completed.

The route will lead around France count-clockwise. At the end of week one we should have covered the northeast and north, crossing the Champagne, Normandy and exploring Brittany, with visits to the channel coast. The weekend should see us at the westernmost point of the tour in Quimper.

The second week will take us down the Atlantic coast and the Pyrenees. At this point it is open how close we will be riding along the mountains. By week's end we should have arrived at Mediterranean waters.

The third week will see the tour heading north, following the Rhone river valley, dip into Burgundy, cross the hills of Lorraine and come back to Trier on the Saturday afternoon of August 5.

We will have a support van riding behind the tour as a back-up in case of accident, illness or a serious mechanical problem, which does not allow the rider to continue the ride for the day. The van will be able to store 4-5 velomobiles. Please note that this is back-up and should only be used in case of real need.

The support van will also be able to transport our luggage, except for all items riders will need outside of camp! However, all riders should calculate and pack their belongings in such a way that they could be carried along within the velomobiles. For transport in the van, riders should pack their items in one larger duffel bag (Seesack) – this will make loading (done by riders leaving the campground last) and unloading (done by riders arriving at the campground first) much easier.

All accommodations will be on campgrounds. The description of each day has information on the campground, its facilities and services, resp. a link to the website. Reservations will be made for the group; please do not make individual reservations.

© Josef Janning 2016