The International Velomobile Tour across Europe's North

GBSR 2014, the Great Baltic Sea Ride, will happen over three weeks in July, 2014. Eight countries, rich history, a diverse cultural heritage, and beautiful landscapes make this tour a unique experience to all participants.
Our shared practice of riding human powered vehicles year round will be a show case of sustainable mobility. We will share our experience with people all around the Baltic Sea.

Council of
Baltic Sea States

CBSS has accepted patronage over the tour and pledged to support its mission, emphasizing the tour's pilot nature for Baltic identity, and its innovative and enviironmentally friendly way of urban mobility.

The tour will explore Europe's North between 53° and 61° latitude over more than 3.000 km of fine riding. We will enjoy the summer daylight, the tranquility and wide spaces of Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Masurian Lake District, Northern Poland and Northern Germany.
Capital cities as well as remote villages, deep forests and open farmland will be our sights; somewhere to our right there will always be the waters of the Baltic Sea, sometimes very close, sometimes further away beyond the horizon.
Our velomobiles will make this trip a fun adventure. Fast, comfortable, taking all our luggage, velomobiles are the perfect touring machines and a strong symbol of sustainable personal mobility.

Important Update: Due to the current political situation I had to decide to reroute the ride. Under the new scheme, GBSR 2014 will not enter the Russian Kaliningrad oblast, but stay on EU territory entirely. The alternative route from Riga to Stegna (see page Schedule) will now apply. Days will be adjusted accordingly. The overall schedule remains unchanged. No need for visa for all riders from the EU.

Come on, join the ride!
Registration will close on May 4, 2014.
Applications submitted after that date will only be processed under exceptional circumstances.

Participation will be limited to a total of 36 riders. All information on the tour is here. To register, follow the directions on the Riders page. For the current state of registration see the riders list via the Riders page.
All those considering to take part should also carefully read the FAQ page.

Josef Janning
Tour Captain

The official tour poster displayed above was created by C Michael Lewis

© Josef FL Janning 2013